CET DCC Dual Channel Controller

CET DCC Dual Channel Controller

The CET DCC Dual Channel Controller is a self contained gas detection system that offers one or two channel configurations for monitoring toxic, combustible and refrigerant gases with straightforward control functionality for non-hazardous, non-explosion rated, commercial applications.

Sensor configurations include two internal electrochemical sensors (one must be CO) or one internal electrochemical, and one remote sensor (catalytic, solid state or a remote 4-20 mA transmitter). Field configurable settings are modified through an easy to navigate, password protected menu structure.

Automated calibration and other maintenance procedures are simple, and easily performed in the field. For parking garage applications the Calibration Extending Firmware (CEF) takes into account the ageing of the toxic gas sensors so that less frequent calibrations are required.

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  • Single or dual channel operation
  • Flexible internal and remote sensor configurations
  • Six conduit entry ports
  • Two line LCD display with embedded LED indicators
  • Two 4- 20 mA outputs and one configurable 4 – 20 mA input
  • VFD control functionality
  • Two 5-amps SPDT dry contact relays
  • Optional extra loud buzzer
  • Thermal resetting fuses
  • Standard water / dust tight, corrosion resistant enclosure (drip proof); IP54 certified with optional splash guard installed
  • RoHS compliant circuit boards


  • Parking Garages/Car Parks
  • Firehalls
  • Commercial Swimming Pools
  • Arenas
  • Wineries
  • Fisheries


CET DCC Spec Sheet


CET DCC Manual