Sometimes the easiest way to learn is to watch someone else. We’ve collected a range of introductory, instructional and educational videos for many of our most popular products.


TSI AirPro Solutions - Wireless Velocity & Pressure Measurement Instruments

TSI AirPro Solutions – Overview

TSI AP500 One-Handed Duct Traverse

TSI AP500 One-Handed Duct Traverse

TSI Installing the Swirl-X Flow Conditioner

TSI CH-Stand and LogDat Mobile App Introduction

TSI Capture Hood Stand Setup

TSI LogDat Mobile App – Installation and Pairing

TSI LogDat Mobile App – General Use

TSI LogDat Mobile App – Generating and Exporting Reports

Airflow Operating the PANDA Duct Leakage Tester

TSI AirPro® Mobile – How to Connect Probes

TSI AirPro® Mobile – Settings Menu Set-Up

TSI AirPro® Mobile – Customise Your Global Settings Menu

TSI AirPro® Mobile – Set a Target Value

TSI Manage and Track AirPro® Assets with TSI’s Licence Manager

Vaisala HMD62 Product Introduction

Vaisala HMD60 in NEMA4X Test

TSI Increase Your Productivity with AirPro® Solutions Webinar

Alnor EBT Hood 1280 x 720

TSI’s AccuBalance® Air Capture Hood 8380

Performing a Duct Traverse

Instrument Set-up for a Duct Traverse

Calculating Percent of Outside Air

Fit Testing

TSI Quantitative Respirator Fit Testing – Overview

TSI MITA Overview

TSI PortaCount – Setup

TSI PortaCount – Daily Checks

TSI PortaCount – Real-Time Check

TSI PortaCount – Full- and Half-Masks

TSI PortaCount – N95 Probe kit

TSI PortaCount – SCBA Kit

Any respirator, one fit tester – Simplify your respiratory protection program

FitCheck Mode™ – See Respirator Fit in Real-time

In-Test Animations – Your Guide to a Better Fit Test


TSI Exposure Monitoring Products Introduction

The Danger of Occupational Exposure to Respirable Dust

TSI DustTrak™ II / DRX – Instrument Setup

TSI DustTrak™ II / DRX – User Interface Screen Setup

TSI DustTrak™ II / DRX – Survey, Manual Log and Program Modes

TSI DustTrak™ II / DRX – How to Manually Zero Instrument

TSI DustTrak™ II / DRX – Using the Auto Zero Module

TSI DustTrak™ II / DRX – Using the Size Selective Inlet Conditioners

TSI AM520 SidePak Personal Aerosol Monitor Overview

How Can I Protect Myself from Dangerous Aerosols?

TSI Meeting the New OSHA Silica Standard in Real-Time

DustTrak™ DRX – Real-time Size Correction Factor Calibration

Critical Environments

Simplify a Challenging Joint Commission Requirement with PresSura

PresSura Room Pressure Products Introduction

Connect a TSI Model 4080 Certifier FA to a Ventilator

Connect a TSI Model 4070 Certifier FA to a Ventilator

Connect a TSI Model 4070 Certifier FA to a Ventilator

Air Sampling

Zefon Using the Bio-Pump® Plus

Zefon Calibrating the Bio-Pump® Plus with the TSI 4046 Primary Calibrator

Particle Research

Nanoparticle Emission Tester (NPET) Model 3795

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