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Sometimes the easiest way to learn is to watch someone else. We’ve collected a range of introductory, instructional and educational videos for many of our most popular products.


TSI AirPro Solutions - Wireless Velocity & Pressure Measurement Instruments

TSI AirPro Solutions – Overview

TSI AP500 One-Handed Duct Traverse

TSI AP500 One-Handed Duct Traverse

TSI Installing the Swirl-X Flow Conditioner

TSI CH-Stand and LogDat Mobile App Introduction

TSI Capture Hood Stand Setup

TSI LogDat Mobile App – Installation and Pairing

TSI LogDat Mobile App – General Use

TSI LogDat Mobile App – Generating and Exporting Reports

Airflow Operating the PANDA Duct Leakage Tester

TSI AirPro® Mobile – How to Connect Probes

TSI AirPro® Mobile – Settings Menu Set-Up

TSI AirPro® Mobile – Customise Your Global Settings Menu

TSI AirPro® Mobile – Set a Target Value

Manage and Track AirPro Assets with Licence Manager

TSI Manage and Track AirPro® Assets with TSI’s Licence Manager

Vaisala HMD62 Product Introduction

Vaisala HMD60 in NEMA4X Test

TSI Increase Your Productivity with AirPro® Solutions Webinar

Alnor EBT Hood 1280 x 720

TSI’s AccuBalance® Air Capture Hood 8380

Performing a Duct Traverse

Instrument Set-up for a Duct Traverse

Calculating Percent of Outside Air

CET YESAIR 8 Channel IAQ Monitor

CET YES Plus LGA Portable IAQ Monitoring System

CET FCS Flexible Control System Controller for Gas Detection System

CET Quad Channel Controller for Gas Detection Systems

CET How to remove and reassemble the -SW Option in the QCC

CET Dual Channel Controller for Gas Detection System

CET SCC Self Contained Controller for Gas Detection System

CET How to Calibrate the SCC

CET How to Set the Alarm Set Points, Relay and Test the SCC

How to Calibrate the YES AIR IAQ Monitor

CET LPT and LPT-A Analog Gas Detector

How to Calibrate the LPT Gas Detector

CET How does the splash guard work

Fit Testing

TSI Quantitative Respirator Fit Testing – Overview

TSI MITA Overview

TSI PortaCount – Setup

TSI PortaCount – Daily Checks

TSI PortaCount – Real-Time Check

TSI PortaCount – Full- and Half-Masks

TSI PortaCount – N95 Probe kit

TSI PortaCount – SCBA Kit

Any respirator, one fit tester – Simplify your respiratory protection program

FitCheck Mode™ – See Respirator Fit in Real-time

In-Test Animations – Your Guide to a Better Fit Test

TSI PortaPunch™ Probe Insertion Tool Training Video

Demo – PortaCount Respirator Fit Tester running OSHA’s Modified CNC Protocols

TSI PortaCount – FitCheck Mode Real time feature overview

PortaCount Respirator Fit Tester 8040/8048: How to perform Daily Checks for fit testing

PortaCount Respirator Fit Tester 8040/8048: How to Setup and Get Started Fit Testing


TSI Exposure Monitoring Products Introduction

The Danger of Occupational Exposure to Respirable Dust

TSI DustTrak™ II / DRX – Instrument Setup

TSI DustTrak™ II / DRX – User Interface Screen Setup

TSI DustTrak™ II / DRX – Survey, Manual Log and Program Modes

TSI DustTrak™ II / DRX – How to Manually Zero Instrument

TSI DustTrak™ II / DRX – Using the Auto Zero Module

TSI DustTrak™ II / DRX – Using the Size Selective Inlet Conditioners

TSI AM520 SidePak Personal Aerosol Monitor Overview

How Can I Protect Myself from Dangerous Aerosols?

TSI Meeting the New OSHA Silica Standard in Real-Time

DustTrak™ DRX – Real-time Size Correction Factor Calibration

Environmental Air Quality Monitoring for Any Application

DustTrak™ Environmental Monitor Basic Set-Up

Vaisala WXT530 Transmitter Series

Critical Environments

Critical Environments

Simplify a Challenging Joint Commission Requirement with PresSura

PresSura Room Pressure Products Introduction

Connect a TSI Model 4080 Certifier FA to a Ventilator

Connect a TSI Model 4070 Certifier FA to a Ventilator

Connect a TSI Model 4070 Certifier FA to a Ventilator

Air Sampling

Zefon Using the Bio-Pump® Plus

Zefon Calibrating the Bio-Pump® Plus with the TSI 4046 Primary Calibrator

Water & Process

DuraTrac 4 Seal Kit Maintenance

Cleaning the Chemtrac DuraTrac 4 Sensor Probe and Piston

Changing the Piston in the Chemtrac DuraTrac 4 Streaming Current Sensor

Changing the Probe Sleeve in the Chemtrac DuraTrac 4 Streaming Current Sensor

Particle Research

Nanoparticle Emission Tester (NPET) Model 3795


Fluid Imaging- Automated Liquid Handling Highlights

Biopharma Market Demands Nano Particle Imaging

FlowCam Cyano

Sorting and Filtering of Particle Images

VisualSpreadsheet Interactive Scattergram

Simple pattern recognition on particle images

How to use FlowCAM’s VisualSpreadsheet to automate particle classification

Classifier Advanced Introductory Video

Flow Instruments

TSI’s Next Generation Flow Meter

Instrument Overview of the TSI 5000 Series Mass Flow Meter

Advanced Features of the TSI 5000 Series Mass Flow Meter

TSI FLO Sight PC Software Overview

Making Volume Measurements with TSI 5000 Series Mass Flow Meter

Cleanroom Monitoring

AeroTrak 9001 Cleanroom Condensation Particle Counter

Nanoparticle detection for semiconductor fabrication using TSI AeroTrak 9001 cleanroom CPC

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