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RMA Application Form

This form must be completed and submitted to us before you ship your unit. Goods will NOT be received unless clearly identified with your issued RMA number.

For more information, please refer to our Calibration page.

If you are experiencing any issues:

download and complete a PDF version and
email this to our Calibration team

Billing Details



If you are an account customer, we require a copy of your purchase order before we can despatch your unit. If a PO has not been raised yet, enter "TBA" above and forward us a copy of your PO when available.
If you are not an account customer, payment will be required before your unit can be despatched.


Delivery Details


Same as Billing AddressDifferent from Billing Address




Contact Details



Unit Details


Add another unit

Add another unit

Add another unit

Add another unit

Maximum number of units reached. If you have more units to add, please submit these on a new form.






Please be advised that you are required to ensure that your instrument, components and case are free of any dust, dirt or contamination and can be safely handled. Any cleaning or decontamination that may be required will be charged and may result in a delay to your service job.



Discounts apply. Our Rental Department will contact you regarding availability and pricing.


Return Method


Pick up from Melbourne OfficeArrange using my preferred freight companyKenelec Scientific to arrange


What’s next?


  • Your RMA application will be processed by our Calibration team, who will email you with your RMA number and quote for costs
  • Clearly mark this RMA number on the outside of you unit’s shipping carton
  • Make sure your unit is packed securely to prevent damage during travel
  • Organise to send your unit to:

Kenelec Scientific
23 Redland Drive

  • We will contact you when work has been completed



What is an RMA?


  • A Return Material Authorisation (RMA) provides permission for you to return a unit to us for calibration, service or repair. This authorisation is confirmed by the provision of an RMA number, which must be obtained prior to returning your unit to us.


Why do I need an RMA number?


  • An RMA number helps our team to properly identify and deliver your unit to the correct service department, and to ensure your unit is returned to the correct address. This is why it is important to include the RMA number on the outside of your shipping carton.


How do I check the status of my unit?


  • Contact our Calibration team and quote your RMA number.

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