Flowmeter lab closure: our lab is currently closed while our reference equipment is calibrated and will re-open towards the end of April 2024.

RMA Application Form

This form must be completed before you ship your unit. 

Before you start:

What can we calibrate?

View the list of products we can calibrate and our calibration prices here.


For other equipment not listed here, please contact us.

Shipping lithium-ion batteries?

In order to adhere to the IATA’s Dangerous Goods Regulations, the freight cost of instruments containing a lithium battery will incur an additional shipping fee of $100 per unit.

Shipping isopropyl alcohol?

In order to adhere to the IATA’s Dangerous Goods Regulations, the freight cost of instruments containing isopropyl alcohol will incur an additional shipping fee of $100 per unit.


Please remove any bottles of isopropyl alcohol before sending us your unit to avoid this fee.

Calibrating a vane?

The calibration range will temporarily change to 0.32 – 29m/s for the following instruments:


  • TSI 995 Rotating Vane Probe
  • TSI 5725 Rotating Vane Anemometer
  • Airflow™ Instruments LCA501 Rotating Vane Anemometer
  • Alnor RVA501 Rotating Vane Anemometer


For more information, please contact our Calibration and Service Team.

Require a NATA calibration?

We can provide NATA calibration for the following items:


  • Alnor RVA501 Vane
  • Airflow LCA501 Vane
  • TSI 5725 Vane
  • TSI 6510 Air Particle Counter
  • TSI 7510 Air Particle Counter
  • TSI 9303 Air Particle Counter
  • TSI 9306 Air Particle Counter
  • TSI 9310 Air Particle Counter
  • TSI 9350 Air Particle Counter
  • TSI 9500 Air Particle Counter
  • TSI 9510 Air Particle Counter
  • TSI 9550 Air Particle Counter
  • TSI 995 Vane


Please note the limitations of our NATA scope of accreditation – Particle Counter and Anemometer Calibration Laboratory – Accredited Organisation (Site No. 17066) – NATA.


Unfortunately we cannot provide NATA calibration on other models at this time.

Need to organise a courier?

Unfortunately Kenelec Scientific is unable to organise pick up of your unit.


We recommend you use a reputable courier with insurance and tracking so that your unit gets to us safely.

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    If you are not an account customer, payment will be required before your unit can be despatched.


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    Please be advised that you are required to ensure that your instrument, components and case are free of any dust, dirt or contamination and can be safely handled. Any cleaning or decontamination that may be required will be charged and may result in a delay to your service job.




    Discounts apply. Our Rental Department will contact you regarding availability and pricing.


    Return Method


    Kenelec Scientific to arrangeArrange using my preferred freight companyPick up from Melbourne Office


    Please note – In order to adhere to the IATA’s Dangerous Goods Regulations, the freight cost of instruments containing a lithium battery will incur an additional shipping fee.


    Other Notes

    Please provide any additional information (E.g. standing orders, maintenance agreements, special freight requests, priority requirements)



    All services offered by Kenelec Scientific are subject to our terms and conditions.


    Next steps


    Your RMA application will be processed by our Calibration team, who will email you with your RMA number and quote for costs


    When sending your unit to us:


    Clearly mark your RMA number on the outside of you unit’s shipping carton.


    • Make sure your unit is packed securely to prevent damage during travel
    • Organise to send your unit (via courier) to:

    Kenelec Scientific
    23 Redland Drive
    MITCHAM VIC 3132

    • We will contact you when work has been completed


    If collecting your unit:


    Please wait until you are contacted by our Warehouse team before before collecting your unit.


    • Account customers: Units may be collected at any time once you are notified by our Warehouse team.
    • COD customers: for same-day collection of units, payment must be made before 10am for a pickup after 4PM on the same day, or at any time thereafter.



    What is an RMA?


    • A Return Material Authorisation (RMA) provides permission for you to return a unit to us for calibration, service or repair. This authorisation is confirmed by the provision of an RMA number, which must be obtained prior to returning your unit to us.


    Why do I need an RMA number?


    • An RMA number helps our team to properly identify and deliver your unit to the correct service department, and to ensure your unit is returned to the correct address. This is why it is important to include the RMA number on the outside of your shipping carton.


    How do I check the status of my unit?


    • Contact our Calibration team and quote your RMA number.

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