CET ecoBump Test System


Convenient cylinder of personal gas designed for bump testing Ammonia, Carbon dioxide, Carbon monoxide and Propane gas sensors.



Product Details

The ecoBump Test System offers easy portability and convenience to bump testing fixed and portable gas detection systems. Measuring only 4 in / 10 cm high and 1.9 in / 4.8 cm in diameter, the ecoBump is so small, it can fit in your pocket, tool box or glove compartment. The regulator can be removed from one cylinder and easily affixed to another.

Attach the small trigger button regulator to the gas cylinder, affix the tubing to the regulator and press the calibration adapter plug into the sensor vent. Press for 3 short seconds to apply the proper release of gas. Use to determine if the sensor is responding to gas and the instrument’s configured controls (alarms, strobes relays, analog/digital communication) are functioning accordingly. For fixed systems, expect the gas reading to increase and the low alarm to trip.

The ecoBump is for bump testing only. Do not use for calibration. If the bump test does not produce the expected results, perform a full calibration with a full size calibration gas cylinder and appropriate tools. Do not use if the expiry date on the cylinder has passed. Not recommended for use with CETCI transmitters that have a splash guard installed.


  • Hand held, compact “pocket” size
  • Provides up to 250 bump tests
  • Trigger button regulator to release gas and eliminate wasted gas
  • Easy to carry, rugged and durable
  • Non-hazardous for ground transport


  • Bumping test gas sensor