As well as providing off-the-shelf equipment, Kenelec Scientific can also design and develop customised monitoring systems tailored to your specific requirements. Here are some examples.

Laser Ablation System for Southern Cross University

Laser Ablation Used In Studies To Map Fossil Teeth

Laser-ablation system to obtain isotopic spatial distributions with histological mapping of tooth formation.

Tunnel construction dust monitoring project

Rail Tunnel Construction Dust Monitoring

Routine dust monitoring solution to measure air quality.

Smoke monitoring network Tasmania

Smoke Monitoring Network

Air quality monitoring network reporting on particle concentrations from smoke and dust.

Air quality impact of smoke from wood heater

Air Quality Impact Monitoring

Solution to monitor smoke pollution generated by a wood heater.

Children’s hospital network

Complete particle and environmental monitoring system for a network of cleanrooms.

Mine site dust monitoring

Environmental dust monitoring solution measuring all PM fractions at Stawell Gold Mines.

Fit testing and COVID-19

PortaCount® leads the way with healthcare customers across Australia and New Zealand.

Duct leakage testing

Learn how adding a PANDA to their fleet has helped one of our HVAC Commissioning customers.

Silica dust monitoring

AM520 SidePak used to determine tasks where high levels of silica particulates were generated.

Dust Monitoring Network

Dust Monitoring Network

Environmental dust monitoring solution to determine size of dust particles.

Rural dust storm monitoring

Rural Air Quality Monitoring Network

Environmental dust monitoring solution to measure the impact of dust storms.

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