PortaCount® and COVID-19

PortaCount® Respirator Fit Tester leads the way with healthcare customers across Australia and New Zealand.

“We have been purchasing PortaCounts and consumables from Kenelec Scientific since 2013, and have appreciated their ongoing support through COVID-19 despite the many unique challenges the industry has faced. I would only trust Kenelec Scientific for purchasing and calibrating our fleet of PortaCounts, and look forward to their ongoing contribution to quantitative face fit testing in Australia.”

Sebastian Rasche, Managing Director, Pro Safety and Training | RESP-FIT Approved Training Provider

“We have increased our fleet of 8048 PortaCount® Respirator Fit Testing machines during Covid-19, to meet the healthcare sector demand to provide accurate, reliable and safe Quantitative Fit Testing (QNFT). We have worked closely with all stakeholders (Kenelec Scientific, Health Share Victoria and AIOH RESP-FIT) to effectively provide a superior service during what has been a challenging time for so many.”

Michael Lukis, Occupational Hygienist, Statewide Air and Noise

“We have been very active with our National Fit Test program and have worked collaboratively with Kenelec Scientific with the roll out of the PortaCount 8048 Fit Test machines.”

Chanelle McEnallay, Chief Risk Officer (Australia), Ramsay Health Care

“In Victoria, it is preferred that quantitative fit testing is conducted. Quantitative fit testing requires the use of specialised particle counting equipment (such as a PortaCount Plus machine) to provide quantitative, or numerical, measurements of the amount of face seal leakage present when a given RPE model is donned by a particular user.”

Statement issued by Victorian Government (DHHS) “Victorian Respiratory Protection Program” September 2020

The customer

Private and Government healthcare customers across Australia and New Zealand.

The project

The COVID-19 pandemic saw a sharp increase in demand for the PortaCount® Respirator Fit Tester in response to growing demand to fit test frontline healthcare workers.

Our solution

With a collaborative approach with various state governments and TSI,  we were able to identify precise needs for fit testing, consumables and training and rolled out PortaCount® models 8038 and 8048 across the states. SA Health have historically been using the PortaCount®, which helped other interstate customers from a networking perspective.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions (including a 111 day lockdown in Victoria), and a halt on any travel, all discussion and meetings were conducted remotely. An additional challenge was the increased global demand for the PortaCount®, impacting supply lead times (sometimes up to 3 months).

The outcome

To date, Kenelec Scientific have supplied a significant number of units to the healthcare sector to ensure the frontline staff are being quantitatively fit tested with the industry-leading PortaCount® 8038 and 8048 models.

Working where respirators are required or recommended? Contact our team to find out more about why the PortaCount® is the best in the business.

Products used in this project

rental solutions of real-time quantitative respirator fit

TSI 8048 PortaCount® Respirator Fit Tester

TSI’s latest quantitative respirator fit tester featuring intelligent touchscreen solutions and animated guides.

TSI 8038 PortaCount® Pro+ Respirator Fit Tester

Quantitatively fit test all types of respirators-gas masks, SCBAs, respirators, N95, P1 and P2 disposable (filtering-facepiece) respirators.

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