CET Splash Guard


Protects sensor from water, dust and dirt; factory installed over the sensor vent, IP54 rating. Recommended for gas detectors installed in wash down or wet environments.


Product Details

The splash guard is an optional accessory that can be added to many CETCI gas detectors to make the enclosure water and dust tight in wash down or water spray environments. We recommend a splash guard be used to protect the sensor where spray down of equipment is a common occurrence.

The splash guard is factory installed over the sensor vent on the front of the enclosure to protect the sensor to exposure to water, and dust. The fluted edges on the underside allow a more open area through which gas can permeate and the ridges provide a multi-step barrier through which water cannot penetrate and reach the sensor. With the splash guard installed, the enclosure meets IP54 standards.

During calibration, a special Calibration Clip (p/n: CET-SGC) is available for use with the splash guard (which remains in stalled) to ensure a successful calibration. The splash guard may slow down the response time of the sensor during calibration, however most sensors accurately detect gas with the splash guard installed. A few exceptions are: Ozone (O3), Hydrogen chloride (HCl) and Chlorine (Cl2) sensors. These are considered to be “sticky gases” that adhere to the splash guard and the enclosure vent instead of flowing freely through to the sensor. Therefore, the sensor is not able to accurately detect gas. Units with ozone, hydrogen chloride or chlorine sensors will not be sold with a splash guard.


  • Protects sensor and interior of enclosure from water and dust
  • When installed, enclosure is IP54 rated
  • Ideal for washdown, water spray, wet environments or outdoor


  • Wineries
  • Breweries
  • Food Processing Plants
  • Meat Processing Plants
  • Wastewater Treatment Plants


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