Chemtrac HydroACT Streaming Current Charge Analyser

The HydroACT Analyser with DuraTrac 4 Streaming Current Sensor is Chemtrac’s most reliable and accurate Streaming Current Monitor, providing unique and versatile capabilities for optimising coagulant or polymer dosing. With improved streaming current measurement capability, expansive I/O, state of the art chemical feed logic, and the ability to monitor additional parameters key to coagulation (e.g. pH, UV254, NTU), this revolutionary product offers a dependable, comprehensive, and scalable approach for tackling virtually any water treatment scenario. A well designed interface gives the user easy access to frequently used features like zero offset. Intelligent diagnostics, service reminders, advanced alarm features, and optional email/text alerts all work together to notify the user when service is required or when process conditions having changed sufficiently to warrant attention.


  • Capability of incorporating multiple measurements that are key to coagulation, such as pH, TSS/NTU, and UV254 organics
  • Multiple chemical feed control options with overfeed protection, start delay, setpoint ramping, and other advanced features
  • State of the art features like signal health diagnostics and pH compensation


  • Water Treatment
    • Respond quickly to NTU/organics changes
    • Optimise coagulant usage
    • Reduce sludge generation
    • Improve clarifier performance
    • Extend filter run time
    • Reduce membrane fouling
    • Monitor for overfeed of filter aids
  • Wastewater Treatment
    • Respond quickly to changes in solids
    • Reduce polymer usage
    • Improve performance of DAF, Thickener, BFP, Centrifuge
  • Papermaking
    • Track changes in wet-end charge
    • Improve paper machine performance and paper quality