TSI A100 Series AeroTrak+ Portable Particle Counter


AeroTrak™️+ Portable Airborne Particle Counters (APCs) are ideal for all industries for cleanroom certification, monitoring and specialised tasks including gas testing and filter scanning.


The TSI A100 will be on display at:

Pharmout Pharma Device Forum 2024 | 23-24 May 2024 | Booth 20




  • WiFi® enabled connectivity
  • Simplify integration into third party systems with 4-20 mA analog particle data output and environmental sensor input options
  • Intuitive GUI — requires no manuals to operate, significantly reducing the chance for user error and simplifying monitoring for environmental contamination
  • Data integrity (including Annex 1)
  • Communication options
  • One instrument does it all- classify, monitor, filter scan, gas testing and root-cause analysis
  • Highly visible status conditions – LED light bar viewable 20 meters / 360°
  • Access user controls for GMP compliance
  • Sample the correct volume of gas with built in gas correction factors
  • Automated ISO 14644-1 and GMP (EU GMP and China GMP) reporting and instrument workflow with included TrakPro™ Lite Secure Software
  • Filter test and investigate mode (both audible and visual)
  • ISO 21501-4 calibration compliance
  • Fit for purpose – easy to clean, stainless steel housing
  • Multiple instrument reporting supported by latest TrakPro™ Lite Secure Software


  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing — routine monitoring and investigations
  • Semiconductor and/or electronics manufacturing — investigations and size characterisation
  • Cleanroom certification — classification, filter testing, and recovery rate


Setup & Operation

Just Press Start to Begin Manually Counting Particles in Your Cleanroom


Start taking particle counts in your cleanroom right away with the TSI AeroTrak™+ A100 Portable Particle Counter from TSI. Just press Start and you’re ready for measurement. Easy settings enable you to quickly take control of your particle counter for easy cleanroom monitoring.

How To Do Quick, Easy Cleanroom Classification


Classification is an important part of a cleanroom certification or qualification. Whether testing to comply with ISO 14644-1, EU GMP Annex 1, or China GMP, the TSI AeroTrak™+ A100 Portable Particle Counter makes this easy. Just press Start and classification testing begins.

How To Easily and Quickly Monitor Cleanrooms


Easily and quickly monitor cleanrooms using the TSI AeroTrak™+ Portable Particle Counter A100 Series. Just press Start and you’re ready for measurement. Easy settings let you take control of your particle counter to make your job easier. Set your limits and ensure compliance with automated alarms and reporting.

Annex 1 Ready Cleanroom Classification Testing


The classification requirements in EU GMP Annex 1: Manufacture of Sterile Products have changed. Some limits have changed while others are no longer specified. The TSI AeroTrak™+ Portable Particle Counter A100 Series has been engineered to support these changes. This includes updated limits and the ability to define the limits that are no longer specified to assure that your classification testing complies with the new EU GMP Annex 1.

How to Easily Track Samples During Cleanroom Certification or Monitoring


Sample tracking with the TSI AeroTrak™+ A100 Portable Particle Counter is easy during certification or monitoring of your cleanroom. By simply selecting a sample location, the sample tracker feature displays color-coded progression while sampling so that you can easily view and be real-time alerted to the sampling in process.

Cleanroom Compliance is Easy with the Capability to Run Quick Reports


It’s easy to create a report with the AeroTrak™+ A100 Portable Particle Monitor. After you’ve collected the data from all locations in a zone, use the onboard reporting software to make a report. Simply apply your desired filter, for example by zone name, and click the icon to generate your desired report. Report format options include PDF or secure XML that can be downloaded for easy compliance.

Cleanroom Classification Zone Creation for ISO 14644, GMP EU Annex 1 or China GMP Compliance


Setting up a zone for formal classification has never been easier using the AeroTrak™+ A100 Portable Particle Counter. With preloaded templates for ISO 14644, GMP EU Annex 1 and China GMP, just input the sampling size of your area and let the particle counter do the work. It will automatically calculate the number of sample locations, needing you to simply select the classification to certify to.

Quickly Setup a Zone for Efficient Cleanroom Monitoring


Setting up a zone for monitoring has never been easier using the AeroTrak™+ A100 Portable Particle Counter. With the click of a button, select and name the zone and set sample parameters by quickly entering the sample time volume and cycle frequency as well as alarm limits. Watch this example to see how quick and easy it is to start collecting data, specific to your standard operating procedure (SOP).

Advantages of Creating a Workflow When Monitoring a Cleanroom


It’s easy to create a scheduled workflow using the AeroTrak™+ Portable Particle Counter. This feature acts as a filter that locks out selected sample zones and locations to ensure you never sample the wrong location or miss a sample when monitoring a cleanroom. This safeguards that you are not deviating from your standard operating procedure (SOP).



TSI TPL-S90 TrakPro Lite Secure Download Software


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TSI 700103 Electronic Filter Scanning Probe for A100

TSI 700027 Printer Paper (10 Rolls)

Shipping case

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Wireless (WIFI) Dongle

NFC Tags


TSI 700029 Dual Battery Charger

TSI 700028 Battery Pack for Aerotrak Portables