TSI 8533 DustTrak DRX Desktop Aerosol Monitor


The TSI DustTrak DRX Aerosol Monitor can measure both mass and size fraction at the same time and provides a gravimetric sample. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, industrial and occupational hygiene, baseline screening, remote monitoring and research studies.



  • Simultaneously measure size-segregated mass fraction concentrations corresponding to PM1, PM2.5, respirable, PM10 and PM Total size fractions
  • STEL alarm setpoint
  • Touchscreen interface
  • TrakPro data analysis software
  • Automatic zeroing (with optional zero module) minimizes the effect of zero drift
  • Perform in-line gravimetric sampling for custom reference calibrations
  • Manual and programmable data logging functions
  • Aerosol concentration range 0.001 to 150 mg/m3
  • Environmental protected and tamper-proof with Environmental Enclosure
  • Desktop unit with battery and AC adapter


  • Industrial/occupational hygiene surveys
  • Indoor air quality investigations
  • Outdoor environmental monitoring
  • Baseline trending and screening
  • Engineering control evaluations
  • Remote monitoring
  • Process monitoring
  • Emissions monitoring
  • Aerosol research studies

Application Notes


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smoke and dust monitoring

TSI 8535 DustTrak Environmental Enclosure


TSI 801850 Heated Inlet Sample Conditioner with Autozero Module for 8530 / 8533

TSI 801851 Heated Inlet Sample Conditioner for 8530 / 8533

TSI 801690 Autozero Module

TSI 4146 Primary Calibrator

TSI 801671 Standard Calibration Kit for DustTrak DRX


TSI 1090014 TrakPro™ Data Analysis Software


FEDCODR202I Batteries

TSI 801685 2-Bay Battery Charger for 7800 mAh Li-lon Batteries


TSI 801652 Analog-Alarm Output Connector

TSI 801668 Filter Removal Tool for DustTrak II / DRX

TSI 801673 Internal Filter Kit for DustTrak Desktop

TSI 801674 Impactor Oil for DustTrak / AM520

TSI 801688 Conductive Tubing for DustTrak II / DRX

TSI 801698 Inlet Cap for DustTrak II / DRX

TSI 800665 Dorr Oliver Cyclone (10-mm) with Clip

TSI 800668 Sample Extension Tube

TSI 1303740 Computer USB Cable


TSI 801670 Case for DustTrak Desktop

TSI 801687 Hard Sided Wheeled Carrying Case

8530EP only

TSI 801675 External Pump Complete Replacement Kit

TSI 801795 External Pump Service Kit

TSI 801797 External Pump Power Cable to DustTrak

TSI 801798 External Pump Flow Tube to DustTrak

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TSI 8533 DustTrak DRX Desktop, TSI 8533-EP DustTrak DRX Desktop with External Pump