TSI 135 Mini-MOUDI Impactor


The Mini-MOUDI™ Impactor is a precision, high-accuracy impactor with a 2.0 L/min sampling flow rate and a small physical size. The Mini-MOUDI is available with 6, 8, and 10 impaction stages, to provide size-fractionated particle samples as small as 56 nm (same as the classic MOUDI impactors).

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Product Details

Half of the area is the impaction plate for the stage above while the other half contains the nozzles for that stage. Subsequent stages are alternated in orientation so that there is always an impaction surface below each set of nozzles. This arrangement allows for a very compact cascade impactor design.

The 135 impactors can accept a variety of sampling substrates, including aluminum foils, thin plastic films and membrane filters. The substrates are 37-mm in diameter with a semicircular hole in one half of the substrate.

The 135-6 and 135-8 models can be used with personal sampling pumps since they have a low pressure drop. The 135-10 requires a vacuum pump due to the larger pressure drop associated with the last two stages. The 6- and 8-stage versions of the Mini-MOUDI 135 are ideal for personal sampling applications and replace the older Marple personal impactors on the market.


  • Low pressure drop
  • Sharp cut-off characteristics
  • Open Inlet (exposure monitoring) or Inlet Cone (for sampline line)
  • Low inter-stage losses
  • Low internal volume
  • 37-mm diameter semicircular impaction substrates
  • 37-mm final filter
  • Made of anodized aluminum for light weight, durability and nozzle dimensional stability


  • Personal exposure particle monitoring
  • Work place aerosol analysis
  • Cigarette and E-Cig smoke characterization
  • Indoor residential aerosol studies


TSI MSP Vacuum Pumps for Model 135-10 Mini MOUDI Impactor

TSI MSP Vaccuum Pumps for Model 135-6 and 135-8 Mini MOUDI Impactor