TSI MOUDI-II Impactors 120R, 122R, 125R


MOUDI-II™ and NanoMOUDI-II impactors are second generation Micro-Orifice, Uniform-Deposit Impactors from MSP. These impactors are noted for their superior aerodynamic design, sharp cut-size, and low particle loss characteristics. Up to 6000 precision micro-orifice nozzles are used to reduce pressure drop, jet velocity, particle bounce, and re-entrainment.

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Product Details

Individual stepper motors in the Moudi-II impactors provide reliable long-term, internal impaction plate rotation to spread out the particles so they collect in a nearly uniform deposit (ideal for some types of chemical analysis). Sampling flow rates are 30 L/min for the models 120 and 122, and 10 L/min for the model 125. These impactors are designed to collect size-fractionated particle samples in four equal geometrical intervals per decade of particle size for mass or chemical analyses. The nominal cut-size diameters for these impactors start a 10 mm and end at 56 nm for the 120, and at 10 nm for the 122 and 125.


  • 30 L/min or 10 L/min sampling flow rate
  • Sharp cut-off size characteristics
  • Reliable internal impaction plate rotation provides nearly uniform particle deposits for better quantitative chemical analysis
  • Micro-orifice nozzle plates designed for low flow resistance and reduced particle bouce and re-entrainment
  • Up to 13 impactor stages with nominal cut points between 10 nm and 10 µm, plus a final filter


  • Sampling of atmospheric aerosols for research and environmental monitoring
  • Workplace aerosol analysis
  • Engine emissions analysis and monitoring
  • Brakewear analysis and monitoring
  • Exposure monitoring
  • Industrial hygiene studies


TSI 0122-01-2016 MSP Vacuum Pump for Model 122R Nano MOUDI-II Impactor

TSI MSP Vacuum Pump for Impactor Models 100, 110, and 120 MOUDI

TSI MSP Vacuum Pump for Model 125R Nano MOUDI-II Impactor