TSI 1090014 TrakPro Data Analysis Software


TrakPro Data Analysis Software is a Microsoft Windows®-based software program that works with a variety of TSI data logging instruments. This unique software helps you pre-program instruments, store and organize your test data, and generate detailed graphs and reports needed to effectively communicate results.



  • Display data in color or black and white, in tabular or graphical form
  • Combine multiple data sets into a single graph for comparison
  • Define and upload data logging protocols for unattended Q-Trak, SidePak, DustTrak, AeroTrak, or P-Trak monitor operation
  • Enter and upload calibration factors for the DustTrak and SidePak AM510 monitors
  • Create template files and merge with SidePak Sampling Pump history files to create detailed reports
  • Export data to other software