TSI 3752 High Concentration Condensation Particle Counter


The specialist for very high concentrations features an extended single particle counting concentration range topped with a photometric mode. TSI CPCs are the most referenced Condensation Particle Counters, backed up by 40+ years of experience. The 4th generation makes the best CPCs even better: Providing easier use for everyone with an intuitive direct-touch user-interface, new software and secure internal data storage for months of data. Improved performance, new features and diagnostics make it the best CPC in the market.


  • New single particle concentration range up to 100,000 particles/cm³
  • Extended to 10,000,000 particles/cm³ with photometric detection
  • Size range down to 4 nm (D50)
  • Data rate up to 50 Hz – Capture highly dynamic processes
  • Water-removal system – Compatible to high-humidity environments
  • Improved Diagnostics with Pulse Height Monitoring


  • Filter testing
  • Basic aerosol research
  • Combustion
  • Health and atmospheric studies



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