TSI 3938 SMPS Scanning Mobility Particle Size Spectrometer


For more than 30 years, the TSI Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer™ (SMPS™) spectrometers have helped gain new insights in aerosol research and assisted with calibrating reference material and other aerosol instrumentation. The US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and many other reference laboratories worldwide use the TSI SMPS for submicrometer particle size distribution measurements. Easy to use, and providing the highest quality data available, the TSI SMPS spectrometer is the researcher’s choice for nanoparticle size distribution measurements.


Product Details

The SMPS spectrometer is a nanoparticle sizer capable of measuring the size distribution of airborne submicron particles with accuracy and precision. It combines electrical mobility sizing with single-particle counting to deliver nanoparticle concentrations in discrete size channels. The size resolution capability of the SMPS is as high as 128 channels per decade, resulting in up to 192 channels in total.

The SMPS Model 3938 is component-based, allowing users to customize their SMPS to match their experimental needs. Users may choose among three DMAs, seven CPCs, and two different neutralization techniques, enabling measurement from 1 nm – 1 um. When an SMPS is coupled with an Optical Particle Sizer (OPS) or Aerodynamic Particle Sizer (APS), the continuous measurement range can be extended up to 10 µm or 20 µm, respectively.


  • High resolution data: up to 167 channels
  • Broad size range: from 1 nm to 1,000 nm
  • ISO 15900:2009 compliant
  • Fast measurements:
  • Wide concentration range up 107 particles/cm3
  • Component design for maximum flexibility
  • Touch-screen control with no computer needed for operation
  • Easy setup with tool-less installation and auto discovery of components
  • Discreet particle measurement: works well for multi-mode samples


  • Nanotechnology research and materials synthesis
  • Atmospheric studies and environmental monitoring
  • Combustion and engine exhaust studies
  • Indoor air quality measurements
  • Nucleation/condensation studies
  • Inhalation toxicology studies

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