CET LPT-P Digital Car Park Transmitter


For monitoring: Carbon monoxide, Nitrogen dioxide, Methane, Propane, Hydrogen. 3 channel, digital (Modbus®) gas detector for enclosed parking facilities


Product Details

The LPT-P is an economical, three channel, digital transmitter that is designed to be part of a gas detection system for enclosed parking facilites/parkades and vehicle repair shop applications. It can be configured with a single and/or dual internal electrochemical Carbon monoxide (CO) and/or Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) sensor and/or one catalytic combustible ESH-A Remote Sensor.

The LCD display provides at-a-glance gas readings for each channel along with alarm and communication status. Navigating the menu can be done unobtrusively with a magnetic wand or by using the internal programming buttons.

The LPT-P is not a standalone gas detection device, it operates on a local area network (LAN) using Modbus® RS-485 RTU serial communications with a Controller, a control panel, Direct Digital Control system (DDC) or a Building Automation System (BAS). The LPT-P does not have an internal alarm or relay.

The LPT-P comes in a standard water / dust tight, corrosion resistant ABS/ polycarbonate enclosure with a hinged, secured door. With the optional splash guard installed, the enclosure is IP54 rated and ideal for use in water spray or wash down applications.


  • Modbus® RS-485 RTU communication
  • LCD display
  • 24 VDC power
  • 4-conductor daisy chain network wiring
  • Standard water / dust tight, corrosion resistant enclosure (drip proof)
  • IP54 rated with optional splash guard installed.


  • Parking Facilities
  • Vehicle Repair Shops
  • Electric Car Charging Stations
  • Battery Charging Rooms



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