Are you ready for this bushfire season?

Recent history has taught us the importance of effective dust and aerosol monitoring, especially during Australia’s  prolonged and brutal fire season.


Those working to contain bushfires, and those in surrounding communities, are exposed to smoke which can contain chemicals, gases and particulate matter that can be harmful when inhaled.


Having access to real-time data enables you to make decisions to help keep workers and communities safer when conditions change quickly.


Kenelec Scientific supply a variety of instruments and systems built around the TSI DustTrak range to help you meet your monitoring needs. These instruments are highly mobile, easy to set up and provide real-time readings – making them the industry choice for emergency response situations where mobility is key.


Be prepared – Keep reading to find out more about your monitoring options before summer gets into full swing or, use the contact from to get in touch with our team.

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The family…

TSI 8533 DustTrak DRX Desktop Aerosol Monitor

Simultaneous measurements

The 8533

TSI 8534 DustTrak DRX Handheld Aerosol Monitor

Simultaneous measurements

The 8534

SmokeTrak Real-Time Particulate Monitoring Station

Real-time particulate levels

The SmokeTrak

TSI 8535 DustTrak Environmental Enclosure

Portable, weatherproof enclosure

The Enclosure

KenSense Monitoring System

Single-channel or multi-channel measurements

The KenSense

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