KenSense Monitoring System


Introducing the KenSense range of low-cost, fully customisable monitoring systems from Kenelec Scientific.


New to our customised monitoring range, the KenSense is a lightweight, portable measurement solution with the capacity to configure up to 6 channels of measurement for dust, aerosol and gas monitoring. With simple tripod mounting and a lockable weatherproof enclosure, the system is extremely low maintenance and can be set up where you need it. Designed and built by our skilled technical team, just tell us what measurements you need and we can build a system to meet your specific monitoring requirements.


More information on our range will become available shortly – in the meantime, if you have an enquiry please contact us using the Add to Quote button.


  • Incorporates up to six different monitoring channels
  • Lockable, weatherproof Pelican case
  • Tripod mounted for easy placement
  • Onboard datalogger with programmable logging intervals
  • Local and remote data access options


  • single-channel
  • multi-channel (up to 6)