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TSI announce end of production for the 3031 UFP Monitor

Due to the development in routine ultrafine particle monitoring, TSI had to make the tough decision to discontinue sales of the models TSI 3031 and TSI 3031-1 by 31 December 2019 in favor of the growing use of CPCs and SMPS systems and new standards being released.


Why has TSI made this decision?


After a decade, the SMPS has become the leading candidate for monitoring ultrafine particles in Europe. This becomes increasingly evident as there is now a committee drafting a CEN standard for ambient monitoring of ultrafine particles using the SMPS, which will be released next year. Furthermore, other regions, such as Asia, favor using the SMPS over the UFP Monitor because of its capability to measure smaller particle sizes with a higher temporal resolution.


After much consideration based on all of the information above, this is what led to the decision that TSI discontinue sales of the Model 3031 UFP Monitor at the end of December 2019 (including desktop model 3031-1).


Service and Alternatives


TSI always strives to support the existing products by providing clean and repair services for 7 years, depending on parts availability.


As mentioned above the leading technologies for measuring ultrafine particles in the air are:


  • CPCs such as model 3750-CEN for determination of total particle concentration
  • SMPS such as model 3938L50 for determination of particle size distribution

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