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Trade in your old butanol-based CPC and save

*Sorry, this promotion has now ended. Check our Offers page to see what else is available, or send us a question and we’ll get back you.

Retirement can be sweet. We can make the process of retiring your old CPC even sweeter.


If you’re ready to upgrade your older butanol-based condensation particle counter, TSI are currently offering 15% off* the list price of a new 3750, 3752 or 3756 when you trade in your existing SMPS-compatible CPC.


This trade-in applies to older model 3010A, 3022A and 3025A CPCs:



Trade-in quick – this offer ends 30 June 2019*.


Keep reading to find out more about what’s in store or get in touch with our Sales team using the contact form.

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Why upgrade?

Use with confidence: improved reliability

  • User-controllable shutoff valve for CPCs that run with external vacuums.
  • Auto-fill tilt sensor prevents accidents.
  • Pulse height monitor serves as a health monitor for the CPC and provides a good measurement indicator for the data.
  • Internal data storage keeps your data safe if connection to CPC is interrupted.

Measure more particles: increased particle volume

  • 3750 up to 100,000 #/cm³ at ±5% accuracy compared to an Aerosol Electrometer, a 10-fold increase in concentration.
  • 3750-CEN up to 100,000 #/cm³ —and with Sampling Inlet up to 300,000 #/cm³.
  • 3752 up to 100,000 #/cm³ single count mode before photometric mode (up to 107#/cm³).
  • Decreased minimum detectable particle size for model 3750 from 10 nm to 7 nm. Improves size distribution measurements with standard SMPS configuration (3938L50)

Take charge: greater control over your CPC and your data 

  • Operate up to 3 instruments simultaneously.
  • View live data while working on stored data in new software.
  • Control all CPC features including pump, water removal etc. remotely.
  • Status information stored continuously instead of once per sample.
  • Remote connect via Ethernet.

Expand your scope: new CPC features

  • Faster: 50 Hz data acquisition to get more detail in particle concentration profiles.
  • Integrated: CEN CPC (3750-CEN) is now fully integrated with SMPS instruments.
  • Upgrade-ready: Any 3750 CPC can be updated later with CEN calibration.

Further information

To find out more about individual CPC models, click on the product image below:

TSI 3750 CPC

Newly extended size and concentration range.

TSI 3752 CPC

Ideal for high concentrations. Photometric mode.

TSI 3756 Ultrafine CPC

The reference for counting ultrafine particles down to 2.5nm.

Want to see all condensation particle counters we have available? Click on the button below to view our full range.

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Upgrading the CPC on your SMPS?

Contact simon.rembold@kenelec.com.au or fill in the provided contact form to discuss compatibility and special offers on combined CPC and Classifier upgrades.

*Offer ends 30 Jun 2019. Serial number of old unit and PO for new CPC purchase needs to be received by Kenelec Scientific before order can be processed. Old unit will need to be returned to Kenelec Scientific as part of this offer.

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