PortaCount Safe Use Guidance

Your personal safety is important to you, your workers, and to us.


Kenelec Scientific and TSI have collated the following resources to provide guidance on how to best protect yourself and the people you are fit testing from possible transmission of or exposure to COVID-19*.


Proper fit testing techniques can help protect respirator-wearers from breathing in something they shouldn’t. The fit test itself shouldn’t form part of what you are trying to protect them from.


Keep reading to access resources on how the PortaCount operates to prevent flow of air back into the breathing space of the person being tested, and what measures you can put in place to ensure your equipment is safe for the next fit test.


We will add to this list as more resources come to hand – any new resources will also be posted on our Business Updates page, so please check back regularly for up-to-date information or get in touch using the contact form provided if you have any questions or concerns.

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 TSI Hygienic Security and the PortaCount

Read the existing TSI application note explaining how air is prevented from flowing back into the breathing space of the person being fit tested.

Read app note

 TSI Guidance on Twin Tubing and Cleaning

Read the new statement from TSI for their recommendations with regards to the cleaning of use of twin tubing.

Read guidance

Coronavirus Basics — Respirator Fit Testing in the Age of COVID-19

TSI’s Greg Olsen joins the OH&S SafetyPod podcast to discuss proper fit testing.

Go to Podcast

PortaCount Information Technology Systems Questions

This new application note answers questions from Hospital Information Technology (IT) personnel regarding PortaCount® Respirator Fit Testers and FitPro™ Ultra Software.

Read app note

Network Connectivity Enhancement for 8040 / 8048

A newly available software and firmware update now supports a second USB communication mode, USB Serial, allowing for greater versatility when integrating PortaCount instruments and FitPro™ Ultra software running on
Windows® devices in corporate networks.

Read app note

*Please note – this information is to be used as a guide only. Kenelec Scientific are not experts on viruses or the transmission of them. Therefore, we cannot assess the risk of your particular situation. If there are any concerns, use different twin tubing or cleaned twin tubing for each individual being tested.

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