COVID-19 – Be prepared in less time

The 2019 Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a public health emergency that healthcare facilities and workers are preparing for worldwide. Healthcare workers need confidence in their respiratory protection.


One critical step in helping ensure healthcare worker safety is fit testing filtering facepieces, like N95’s. According the CDC, the effectiveness of N95 respirators to control exposures to airborne infectious disease is highly dependent on proper fit and use.


Quantitative respirator fit testing eliminates the guesswork and subjectivity associated with qualitative testing methods and provides users with objective data that accurately describes respirator fit.


The PortaCount Respirator Fit Tester is the only quantitative instrument that works for any type or brand of respirator, including all N95 filtering facepieces.


Simplify your fit test program with one consistent, objective, and automated testing experience across any respirator.

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TSI is committed to supporting the health and safety of workers and the general public during the global coronavirus outbreak.


They have created a resource page on the importance of quantitative fit testing of filtering facepieces such as N95 masks, and how the PortaCount range of fit testers can help you achieve this.


Click on the button below to learn more on their website.

Go to TSI website

Alternately, watch TSI’s recent webinar to get an overview of fit testing N95 respirators for healthcare workers in light of the COVID-19 below.

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The effectiveness of N95 respirators to control exposures to airborne infectious diseases is highly dependent on proper fit. Be prepared with PortaCount.

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