TSI 8127 Certitest Automated Filter Tester Model

TSI 8127 Certitest Automated Filter Tester

The TSI 8127 Certitest Automated Filter Tester is designed to comply with commercial respirator standards around the globe. It has a proven track record of durability, reliability, and minimal maintenance, meeting the demanding requirements of manufacturing and quality control environments. Specially designed aerosol generators and detectors enable highly repeatable and reproducible filter-efficiency measurements. In addition, the 8127 features a high degree of automation and self-diagnostics that greatly simplifies operation, increases throughput and improves overall measurement performance. As a result, TSI filter testers are ideally suited for QC testing.


  • Compliance with respirator regulations
  • Simple, fast and automated operation
  • Highly consistent test results
  • Designed for manufacturing environments
  • Service and support


  • Thermal printer
  • Test media sheets
  • Gravimetric filter holder
  • Flat-media filter holder
  • Custom filter holders available


  • USA commercial respirator regulation (42 CFR part 84)
  • European EN 143 and related respirator standards
  • And, many more national respirator regulations
  • Filter media testing
  • Consult Kenelec Scientific for more details