TSI 8587A Laser Photometer


Stand-alone photometers are used for custom made test chambers, e.g. in respirator certification testing, and for respirator design and development. Light scatter photometers are the preferred choice for detectors in respiratory testing due to their very high dynamic range and sensitivity. With the need for respiratory masks with higher protection factors as well as the measurement equipment improved, Laser Photometer Model 8587A is the result of such continued improvement of the measurement capabilities.

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Product Details

The model 8587A laser photometer uses the same photometer engine that is used in the Automated Filter Tester model 8130A. It uses a 30 mW laser to illuminate and collect the scattered light from airborne particles. An internal valve allows switching between upstream and downstream sampling. Due to its portability and wide dynamic range, it also is used in HEPA filter scanning systems measuring the penetration efficiencies of large, high-efficiency filter assemblies.


  • Stand-alone light scattering photometer
  • Photometer engine also used in 8130 and 8127 and by NIOSH
  • Capable to measure filter efficiencies up to 99.999%
  • In respirator fit testing used to determine fit factors up to 100,000
  • Signal correlates with aerosol mass concentration
  • Automatic gain selection
  • Analog and digital output
  • Manual or remote control via RS-232 or USB
  • Critical orifice controls sample airflow


  • Respirator certification testing (fit testing)
  • Efficiency testing of HEPA filter assemblies
  • Respirator design and development
  • Filter design and development
  • Aerosol laboratory research