TSI 3090 Engine Exhaust Particle Sizer Spectrometer

TSI 3090 Engine Exhaust Particle Sizer (EEPS™) Spectrometer

The TSI 3090 Engine Exhaust Particle Sizer 3090 (EEPS™) spectrometer measures the size distribution of engine-exhaust particle emissions in the range from 5.6 to 560 nm with the fastest time resolution available. Users can visualise and study the dynamic behaviour of particle emissions that occur during transient test cycles, during the first few seconds of a cold start, or during regeneration of a particle trap or diesel particulate filter (DPF).

The 3090 displays measurements in 32 channels total (16 channels per decade). It operates over a wide particle concentration range, including down to 200 particles/cm3. It operates at ambient pressure to prevent evaporation of volatile and semi-volatile particles, and it requires no consumables.

Ease of operation is a key feature of this particle sizer. All components are housed in a single 32-kg cabinet that includes the vacuum source. A microprocessor measures temperature and barometric pressure automatically to convert to volumetric flow. The instrument includes features for remote operation and includes software that is unmatched in the industry.


  • Measures particles from 5.6 to 560 nm
  • 10-Hz data collection captures transient events in real time
  • Comprehensive software for data collection and analysis
  • Easy to use
  • Housed in a single cabinet that weighs just 32 kg
  • Four configurable analog outputs (see Application Note EEPS-001) NEW
  • Selectable matrices tailored to application for more accurate measurement (See Application Note EEPS-005) NEW