Vaisala Indigo200 Series Transmitter


Indigo200 allows for easy evaluation and visualization of data, also wirelessly. The installation is uncomplicated, which saves time. The Vaisala Indigo200 Series host devices are part of Vaisala Indigo product family and intended for Vaisala’s intelligent, stand-alone humidity probes, dew point probes, temperature probe, CO2 probes, moisture in oil probe, as well as the vaporized hydrogen peroxide probe series.


The probe types are interchangeable reducing downtime. The enclosure with an IP65 classification is safe for harsh environments and resistant to dust and most chemicals. The smooth surface of the enclosure makes cleaning easy.




  • Plug-and-play probe connection for Vaisala Indigo compatible probes
  • Wireless interface for configuration and temporary use
  • Operating temperature: -40 … +60 °C, with display -20 …+60 °C
  • LCD color display (optional non-display version for analog model)
  • IP65 enclosure
  • 24 V power supply input
  • 2 configurable relays
  • Ethernet connection with web interface for remote access


  • Industrial and compressed air drying
  •  life science incubators
  • Hatchers and setters
  • Greenhouses
  • Cold storage & refrigeration
  •  Food transportation
  • Parking garages


Vaisala Indigo family