TSI 3783 Environmental Particle Counter


Ultrafine particles are omnipresent in our atmosphere, and their number concentration can be very strongly influenced by weather and local particle sources, such as traffic. The Model 3783 Environmental Particle Counter was developed especially for near-freeway monitoring, i.e. continuous observation in high-concentration environments.


Product Details

Based on proven Condensation Particle Counter (CPC) technology the Model 3783 Environmental Particle Counter brings research-level products to routine monitoring stations. The design of this instrument considered everything from the variable configuration of the sampling inlet to mounting the instrument into the standard racks of monitoring containers. Utilizing water as condensing fluid makes it safe and convenient to use. Data gathered by the instrument is very easy to access. The robust design, field-friendly user-serviceable parts, and diagnostic tools make it a highly reliable choice for long-term ambient monitoring.


  • Dynamic concentration range with single particle counting for concentrations up to 106 particles/cm³
  • Removable, swappable optics modules
  • Rack mount ready with inlets at front and back
  • Low maintenance – Continuous operation up to 4 weeks
  • Time resolution down to 1 second
  • Detects particles down to 7 nm (D50)
  • Distilled water as working fluid – no emissions of volatiles


  • Continuous and routine monitoring of particle number concentration


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