TSI 3068B Aerosol Electrometer


The TSI 3068B Aerosol Electrometer provides accurate measurements of electrical current and flow rate. It measures total net charge on aerosol particles from 0.002 to 5 µm. When paired with a TSI Electrostatic Classifier, the 3068B measures the number concentration of monodisperse aerosol. This configuration is used primarily for calibrating and testing particle instruments like Condensation Particle Counters. Data are presented on the front-panel display and output by RS-232 or USB in real time and also as an analog voltage for data recording. A vacuum source is required.

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  • Provides readings in real time
  • Increased sensitivity—±1 fA (two times better than Model 3068A)
  • Wide dynamic range with no range settings(±12,500 fA)
  • Temperature stabilized to significantly reduce drift
  • Automatic flow control (0.3 to 10 L/min) when used with external vacuum source
  • Reduced internal particle losses
  • Modern communications with RS-232 and USB interface
  • Membrane touch-panel with two-line, LCD alphanumeric display
  • Digital displays of either current or concentration and flow rate
  • Fundamental particle concentration measurement when used with a TSI Electrostatic Classifier
  • Wide particle size range (0.002 to 5.0 µm)


  • Instrument calibrations such as Condensation Particle Counter calibration
  • Particle concentration measurements
  • Particle charge and charge ratio experiments
  • Submicrometer filter-efficiency tests
  • Certain types of submicrometer size-distribution measurements


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