Chemtrac HydroACT Multiparameter Analyser


The HydroACT analyser offers a wide range of customisable capabilities to suit any user’s requirements: from a basic analyser with a single sensor and analog output, to a more comprehensive solution consisting of a controller with multiple sensors, several chemical feed control outputs, and digital communications (Modbus or PROFIBUS). Other optional features include analog and digital I/O, data logging, and remote access over LAN or GSM modem. The versatility of the HydroACT platform helps ensure a more affordable and flexible solution by allowing the user to purchase only the specific hardware and firmware components that they actually need, while allowing for upgrades to be performed at a later time if
application requirements happen to change. The HydroACT analyser is available in three versions. Each version offers different levels of I/O capability.

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  • Sensor inputs (optional up to 8)
  • External input (optional) – 4-20mA, 4-20 mA loop-powered, 0-2 VDC, 0-10VDC, +/- 2000 mV for pH / ORP / ISE’s, Pt100, pulse and Modbus
  • Analog outputs (optional up to 8)
  • Relays (optional up to 16)
  • Digital inputs (optional up to 16)
  • Alarms & thresholds – 2 user-configurable alarms & thresholds with deadband and delay for each parameter and control output
  • Control loops (optional up to 8)
  • Control types (optional) high/low Threshold or PID
  • Communication (optional) Modbus ASCII/RTU (RS485), Modbus TCP (Ethernet), PROFIBUS DP
  • Data & event logging