TSI’s new solution to measure ultrafine particles

The specifications (TS) CEN/TS 16976:2016 and CEN/TS 17434:2020 standardise the harmonised measurement of ultrafine particles in ambient air which provide high quality data and useful comparison.


Discover TSI’s new comprehensive solution for ultrafine particle monitoring in full compliance with the CEN standards in ambient air. Their solution includes sampling, drying and diluting the aerosol, as well as measurement of relative humidity and temperature, particle number concentration, and particle size distribution.


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Main system


The TSI Sampling System for Atmospheric Particles 3750200 is designed to deliver a representative sample of ambient ultrafine and fine aerosol to measurement instruments. The sampler has < 30% diffusion losses for 7 nm particles, and is fully compliant with the requirements stated in both CEN/TS 16976 and 17434. The sampling system can be configured to supply aerosol to different particle counters and/or particle sizers.

See TSI 3750200

Particle Number Concentration Measurement

Condensation Particle Counters (CPCs) are a proven technology for measuring the number concentration of atmospheric particles. In fact, CEN/TS 16976 requires the use of a CPC with butanol as its working fluid. TSI CPC 3750-CEN is fully compliant with all CEN requirements. This includes its calibration by a facility of the European Center for Aerosol Calibration and Characterisation (ECAC), as an independent reference.

See TSI 3750-CEN

Particle Size Distribution

The TSI Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer (SMPS™) has been used for decades to measure the size distribution of particles in ambient air. This technology is specified by CEN/TS 17434 for size distribution measurement; within the standard, it is referred to as ‘MPSS’, which stands for ‘mobility particle size spectrometer’. The TSI 3938W50-CEN SMPS is fully compliant with all CEN requirements. This includes its calibration by a facility of the European Center for Aerosol Calibration and Characterization (ECAC), as an independent reference.

See TSI 3938W50-CEN


Aerosol Dilution

The TSI Aerosol Diluter 3333-10 dilutes the aerosol sample by a factor of 10, using an internally-controlled supply of particle-free air. The dilution ratio is accurate to within ±5%.

From the perspective of CEN/TS 16976:2016 and 17434:2020, dilution is optional, and should only be used when local concentrations exceed that which the CPC can handle in single particle mode.

See TSI 3333-10

Humidity Measurement

Ensuring that the sampled aerosol is sufficiently dry (RH < 40%) is a requirement of both CEN/TS 16976 and CEN/TS 17434. Measuring the humidity and temperature of the sample is easily accomplished with the TSI Aerosol Humidity and Temperature Sensor RHT3000.

See TSI RHT3000


Once the data are collected, they need to flow from the selected hardware into your monitoring station system. There are multiple options:
• Your integrator may already have a solution.
• You utilize TSI’s extensive data auto-export, which includes the full range of available instrument status information, aerosol humidity & temperature, particle concentrations, and size distributions (as raw, as inverted concentration, or both).

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