TSI 5000 Series. The flow meter, redefined.

It’s a game changer.


Built upon over 35 years of flow sensing technology, the new 5000 Series of gas mass flow meters from TSI can eliminate the need for multiple instruments, simplifying your setup and saving you time and money.


All TSI flow meters integrate flow, absolute pressure, and temperature sensors to deliver readings and compensate flow measurements. 5000 Series base models also incorporate bidirectional flow sensing, colour touchscreen display, configurable tube end adapters and companion PC software.


Advanced Flow Multi-Meter models can integrate flow rate, absolute pressure, temperature, volume, differential pressure, and humidity measurements into a single, compact device. Additional models include options for higher flow accuracy, data logging, humidity compensation, or a wide flow accuracy specification.


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Flow Meter 5000 Series

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Why choose the TSI 5000 Series?

Save time

With the colour touchscreen display, view up to four readings at once, quickly configure measurements, adjust device settings and log data right to your meter.

Save money

 You no longer need to purchase and maintain separate meters for each measurement, which not only saves you money but also saves some space on your workbench.

Simplify setup

Features such as flexible operation, configurable tube ends and multiple mounting options enable you to significantly simplify your test setup with the right meter.

Understand more

Fast response rate and new data visualization tools for results in real-time to better understand the relationship between conditions and their effect on your flows.

What model is best for me?

View the guide below to find model that works best for your application:

Base Models (5200/5300)
  • Flow and Totalizer Measurements
  • Temperature and Absolute Pressure Measurements
Wide Accuracy Models (5203/5303)

All base features, plus:

  • Wide Accuracy Specification (3%)
Advanced Models (5210/5310)

All base features, plus:

  • Volume Measurements (displayed on touchscreen)
  • Differential Pressure Measurements
  • Data Logging
Humidity Models (5220/5320)

All features of the Advanced Models, plus:

  • Relative Humidity Measurements
  • Humidity Compensation of the Air Flow Measurement
High Accuracy Models (5230/5330)

All features of the Humidity Models, plus:

  • Higher Accuracy (1.5% of reading)
  • Tabletop Stand Accessory

Want to know more?

Watch the video below or click through to the product pages and find your ideal flow meter.

TSI 5200 Series: Low flow

The new design minimizes circuit dead space and provides accurate volume measurements. Low flow meters from TSI are used as a flow reference for the calibration of sampling instrumentation as well as many other low flow applications.

View 5200 Series

TSI 5300 Series: High flow

A general purpose flow metered optimised for application within the respiratory equipment market. The 5300 Series has low pressure drop to minimise flow back pressure, but still remains in compact form compared with other instrument that measure at similar flow rates.

View 5300 Series

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