The refrigerant monitoring solution you’re looking for

Do you manage a hotel, cold storage or freezer room’s air-conditioning system?


If it’s a yes, then you should be fully aware of refrigerant leaks, which can be a big risk if left unaddressed. Refrigerant leaks are harmful to human health and the environment, let alone the issues of significant loss of refrigerant, excess energy costs and repair cost of equipment.


Your ability to detect and diagnose refrigerant leaks determines how well you prevent them. Guess what? Finding a suitable detector is easier now with our selection of refrigerant monitoring sensors from Critical Environment Technologies (CET), designed for various applications and able to deliver accurate, reliable and worry-free performance.


From general purpose gross leak detection (LPT-A Analog Transmitter or cGas Detector Transmitter with Solid State sensor) to specific refrigerant detection with high accuracy and minimal effect by humidity or temperature changes (ART Infrared Refrigerant Transmitter with Infrared sensor), CET has the right solution to suit.


Need a hand choosing the right sensor? Refer to our new brochure outlining common applications for refrigerant sensors.

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Find out more about what products can be used for particular applications below.

cGas Detector Refrigerant Monitoring System

Continuous monitoring of refrigerant gas leaks from air conditioning units in hotel rooms.

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ART Infrared Refrigeration Monitoring System

Continuous monitoring of refrigerants in mechanical rooms with a single chiller.

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LPT-A Refrigerant Monitoring System

Continuous monitoring of refrigerants in mechanical rooms with two chillers.

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