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Save at least 50% off ex-rental units

*Thanks for checking in. We are constantly updating our rental fleet, so “new” ex-rental units will be made available for purchase in the near future. If you’d like to be kept in the loop, check out our Ex-Rental Units page or send us your details using the contact form provided.

It’s been a while…


Our ex-rental unit sale is back again for all bargain hunters, with significant savings on near-new and pre-loved units as we make way for fresh additions to our rental fleet.


This time round, we are offering instruments for applications including (but not limited to) dust, aerosol and IAQ monitoring such as TSI DustTrak desktop and handheld monitors, TSI AM520 personal monitors and TSI P-Trak Ultrafine Particle Counters.


All units come freshly calibrated (to NMI standard or equivalent) by our factory-trained technicians to make sure they are in great working order and are covered by a 90-day warranty to ensure they stay that way. With all the accessories of a new unit (or in some cases, more), you’ll have all the functionality of a new unit at your fingertips.


With discounts of at least 50% off* the list price of a new unit, there’s no better time to bag a ‘new’ unit at a fraction of the cost.


Act fast – once they’re gone, they’re gone. Keep scrolling for details on units currently on offer, and get in touch with our Rental team using the contact form provided.

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Units currently available:

Visit our Ex-Rental Units page.

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