Probing question? Our HVAC & IAQ probes are your answer.

We can offer more than just your standard pitot tube.


Multi-function instruments such as the VelociCalc 9565 and Q-Trak 7575 have a number of optional “smart” plug-in probes that expand the range of measurements you can take with a single instrument – simply plug in the probe that has the features and functions best suited to your particular application:


  • Thermoanemometer probes
  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) probes
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) probes
  • Rotating Vane Anemometer probes


Probes can be ordered at any time and include a data sheet with certificate of traceability. When it’s time for servicing, only the probe needs to be returned since all the calibration data is stored within the probe.


Keep reading for more information on the range of probes available, or ask us your own probing question using the form provided.

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Probe types:

Thermoanemometer Probes


TSI offers four models featuring multiple measurements in a compact, robust probe design. These telescopic probes are available in straight or articulating construction, and with or without a relative humidity sensor. Models with a relative humidity sensor can also calculate wet bulb and dewpoint temperature.


Common applications include duct traversing, face velocity testing of chemical fume hoods, biological safety cabinets and HEPA filters. When combined with the 9565, advanced measurement applications can be performed including heat flow, draft rate and turbulence intensity.


  • 960: Air Velocity Probe, Straight, Velocity, Temperature
  • 962: Air Velocity Probe, Articulated, Velocity, Temperature
  • 964: Air Velocity Probe, Straight, Velocity, Temperature, Humidity
  • 966: Air Velocity Probe, Articulated, Velocity, Temperature, Humidity

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Probes


A good indicator of proper ventilation is the level of CO2 present in a space. Carbon dioxide is a normal by-product of occupant respiration. Elevated levels of CO2 may indicate that additional dilution ventilation is required.


IAQ probes are available to measure temperature, humidity, CO and CO2 of indoor environments. Calculations include percent outside air, wet bulb and dew point temperatures. The IAQ probes feature field calibration capability, and the CO sensor in the Model 982 is field replaceable.


  • 980: IAQ Probe, CO2, Temperature, Humidity
  • 982: IAQ Probe, CO2, Temperature, Humidity, CO
  • 986: IAQ Probe, VOC (ppb), CO2, Temperature, Humidity
  • 987: IAQ Probe, VOC (ppm), CO2, Temperature, Humidity

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) Probes


Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are organic-based chemicals emitted as gases or vapors from solids or liquids that vaporise at room temperatures. Health effects from inhaling VOC’s depend on the type of chemical, amount in the air (concentration in ppm or ppb), how long a person is exposed, and personal sensitivity to a given VOC.


VOC probes are available to measure temperature, humidity, VOC and CO2 or just VOC and temperature. Calculations include percent outside air, wet bulb and dew point temperatures. VOC exposure in mass concentration can be calculated by inputting the molecular weight and response factor for a particular VOC. The VOC probes feature field calibration, maintenance and
replacement sensors.


  • 984: VOC probe (ppb), Temperature
  • 985: VOC Probe (ppm), Temperature

Rotating Vane Anemometer Probe


The 4” (100 mm) rotating vane probe measures air velocity and temperature with flow calculation. Measurement applications include face velocity as well as air velocity in turbulent airstreams.


  • 995: Rotating Vane Probe, 100 mm, Velocity, Temperature

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