Huge particle instruments ex-demo sale on now

You won’t want to miss out on this sale.


To round out the year, TSI is offering substantial savings on particle research ex-demonstration units, including:


  • 3340 Laser Aerosol Spectrometer
  • 3777 Nano Enhancer
  • 3788 Nano water-based CPC
  • 3910 NanoScan SMPS Nanoparticle Sizer


Now is the time to get the product you want at a discount price without compromising on quality or accuracy. All units are in excellent condition, come calibrated and covered by a fully standard warranty for your peace of mind.


With up to 50% off list price and strictly limited stock you will need to get in quick, because these units won’t be available for long.


See which units are available in the table below and contact the sales team for pricing on 03 9873 1022.

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Particle Ex-Demo 2018
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Units currently available:

ModelDescriptionManufacture Date
3340Laser Aerosol Spectrometer SOLD11/04/2013
3340Laser Aerosol Spectrometer SOLD25/08/2015
3340Laser Aerosol Spectrometer SOLD28/08/2015
3340Laser Aerosol Spectrometer SOLD15/10/2015
3480Electrospray Aerosol Generator with Aerosol Neutraliser7/10/2013
3777Nano Enhancer116/02/2016
3777Nano Enhancer117/02/2016
3777Nano Enhancer15/04/2016
3777Nano Enhancer114/12/2016
3783Environmental Particle Counter (EPC)23/03/2010
3788Nano Water-based CPC (N-WCPC)45/04/2012
3788Nano Water-based CPC (N-WCPC)418/06/2012
3788Nano Water-based CPC (N-WCPC)414/03/2017
3788Nano Water-based CPC (N-WCPC)420/04/2017
3788Nano Water-based CPC (N-WCPC)421/11/2017
3910Nanoscan SMPS Nanoparticle Sizer32/08/2012
3910Nanoscan SMPS Nanoparticle Sizer32/10/2012
3910Nanoscan SMPS Nanoparticle Sizer328/02/2014
3910Nanoscan SMPS Nanoparticle Sizer329/01/2016
379020ARotating Disk Thermodiluter 8/11/2017
379020A-30Rotating Disk Thermal Diluter with Thermal Conditioner28/02/2017

1 Nano enhancer must be used in conjunction with the 3772 CPC to be a fully functioning 1 nm CPC. Uses DEG as working fluid.

2 EPC with Aerosol Instrument Manager CPC/EAD Software. Requires External Vacuum Source (not included).

3 Includes 3910 NanoScan SMPS, NanoScan Manager software, and Accessory Kit (AC adaptor, 2 rechargeable batteries, alcohol fill capsule w/storage cap, 500ml external fill bottle, 16 x 30ml isopropanol bottles, zero filter, USB cable, miscellaneous hardware and operation manual).

4 N-WCPC with Aerosol Instrument Manager Software for CPCS.

Strictly limited stock, available until sold out. Discounts calculated based on current list price of current model units. All ex-demonstration units come calibrated with warranty. Prices correct as at 1 November 2018. All prices exclude GST and delivery.