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New 3789 Water-Based CPC from TSI

The next generation is here.


Based on years of research and development, TSI has launched the new 3789 Versatile Water-Based Condensation Particle Counter (WB-CPC), designed for research-grade applications.


With numerous enhancements including as easy, user-adjustable counting efficiency, and fixes for issues commonly associated with older-generation model WB-CPCs such as flooding and frequent wick replacement, TSI delivers a low maintenance, unprecedently reliable unit for your lab and field needs.

Expand your research capabilities – keep reading to find out more about the new 3789 and what makes it such a reliable, versatile research instrument, or get in touch with our team using the contact form.

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No internal reservoirs, no change of flooding


No chance of flooding due to its operation without internal reservoirs. Micro-pumps control the water injection and ejection. In the third stage, the wick takes out excess water vapor before it even reaches the optics.

New wick design, more time for research


We have eliminated the frequency of exchanging contaminated wicks with our new wick design. With this new design, operation time is six months and longer with the same wick.


The new design can even stand up to tap water however we still recommend to use distilled water to reach and exceed the lifetime.

Want more information?


For further product information – including spec sheet – visit the 3789 product page.


For more details on our trade-in offer – including relevant products- visit our offers page.

*Trade-in offer ends 31 Dec 2019, contact our team for details.

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