Monitor wood smoke pollution in real time

As we move towards winter, wood smoke pollution becomes a hot topic. Especially with more of us at home than ever right now.


Smoke generated from wood heaters in homes can contribute significantly to air pollution during the colder months, and the increase of fine particles in the air due to wood smoke can have an adverse impact on health.


Originally commissioned by the Firewood Association of Australia and designed principally for tracking of smoke particulate, the SmokeTrak system is ideal for real-time identification of polluting domestic wood fires. Combining the DustTrak from TSI with Google Maps software, particulate levels are graphically displayed on a street level and can be used to track particulate sources down to an individual site.


The SmokeTrak is now available for rent, so you can kick start your monitoring program without burning a hole in your pocket (though units are also available for purchase, if you’d prefer).


Find out more about the SmokeTrak system and how it can help monitoring of polluting levels of wood smoke in your area.

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SmokeTrak resources:

Further resources:

For more information about the environmental and health impacts of wood smoke pollution and how to help prevent it, read the Australian Government’s Woodheaters and Woodsmoke fact sheet, or look up state-based guidance from the relevant government authority:


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