Is your building return-to-work ready?

Take the right steps in ensuring that your building is return-to-work ready.


HVAC systems impact the spread of COVID-19 so it important that the right steps are being taken to help reduce the spread. We – and TSI Incorporated – are here to help you learn how.



  • Consider your ventilation system
    • Increase the outdoor air-percentage to increase dilution of contaminants and eliminate recirculating, whenever possible
    • For heating-ventilation-air-conditioning systems that recirculate air, businesses need to improve central-air filtration
    • Replace and upgrade air filters prior to re-occupancy
    • Run systems on full economizer


  • Humidity and virus transmission
    • Increased indoor humidity is only possible if the HVAC system has the capacity to meet the recommended levels. Additional humidification or dehumidification capacity may also need to be added.


Find out more about recommendations from TSI’s Ventilation Product Manager for commercial building owners and facility managers on steps to prepare their spaces for reopening after shutdown, or to improve heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems for better air quality.

Good air in, bad air out...

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Further resources on getting your building return-to-work ready is available on TSI’s Questions and Answers page.

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