FlowCam Software Future Plans

Using VisualSpreadhsheet 4? We have important information for you.


Yokogawa Fluid Imaging Technologies plan to phase out VisualSpreadsheet 4 in one year, as of June 30, 2021, and plan to migrate to a more streamlined, enhanced platform of VisualSpreadhseet, known as VisualSpreadsheet 5.


What does this mean for you?

If your instrument runs VisualSpreadsheet 4, you can still use it and your instrument will continue to function as normal.


What does this mean for service and support?

The Fluid Imaging Software Team will no longer be providing updated to the VisualSpreadsheet 4. This means that any “bugs” identified in the software will not be fixed as there will be no new releases of VisualSpreadsheet 4.


What are your options for upgrade?
VisualSpreadsheet 5 is currently available for the following instruments:

  • FlowCam 8100 Series
  • FlowCam 8400 Series
  • FlowCam Cyano
  • FlowCam + ALH


By June 30, 2021, VisualSpreadsheet 5 will also be available for:

  • FlowCam Nano
  • FlowCam Macro


As a bonus, Yokogawa Fluid Imaging Technologies are offering any current VisualSpreadsheet 4 customer on the above platforms, who choose to upgrade to VisualSpreadsheet 5, will receive a 20% discount now through the end of 2020!*


Get in touch with us using the contact form to find out more about upgrading.


Want to know more about the VisualSpreadsheet 5? Yokogawa Fluid Imaging have provided a demo video.


*Terms and conditions apply, please contact our team for details.

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