TSI 3783 Environmental Particle Counter

TSI 3783 Environmental Particle Counter

Ultrafine (UFP) particles are everywhere: polluting the air, eroding our health, and affecting our climate. The first step in cleaning the air of these potentially hazardous particles is to measure them. The TSI 3783 Environmental Particle Counter (EPC) is the the latest water-based condensation particle counter.

EPA and European Commission reference methods (PM2.5, PM10), as well as equivalent mass-based methods, cannot quantify the amount of UFP in the air. The Model from TSI provides quantitative fine and UFP concentration data accurately and reliably where FRM and equivalent methods fall short.

The EPC™ monitor was born out of a methodical evaluation of the challenges specific to water-based condensation particle counters used in high-concentration environments. Newly designed air flow, wicking and water handling systems provide superior accuracy, reliability and ease of operation. Equipped with Aerosol Instrument Manager® software for comprehensive statistical analysis, on-board instrument diagnostics for easy troubleshooting, and multiple data acquisition options, the EPC enables data to be accessed and analysed immediately both onsite and from remote locations.

After extensive customer feedback, rigorous internal testing, and thorough field validation, the 3783 boasts over 20 new product features ideal for long-term, 24/7 monitoring in both pristine and heavily polluted environments.


  • 7 nanometer detection with D 50 efficiency curve
  • Single particle counting for concentrations up to 106 particles/cm3
  • Enhanced zero count stability
  • Adjustable sampling intervals down to 1 second
  • Optimised wick material and wick geometry
  • Pulse height analyzer to monitor wick health and
  • Critical orifice flow scheme
  • Large surface area filters to protect flow orifices
  • Robust new water handling scheme featuring active drain pump
  • Nozzle pressure transducer to monitor nozzle health
  • Laser reference detector
  • Removable, swappable optics modules
  • Rack mount ready
  • Low maintenance
  • Simple and flexible data acquisition