TSI 3150 Component Filter Test System

TSI 3150 Component Filter Test System

The TSI 3150 Component Filter Test System consists of software and a hardware module to provide an off the shelf solutions for all your custom filter testing needs. Pre-configured to work with TSI’s world class detectors and sizers the 3150 provides a platform for numerous filter test applications.

Filters are used for a wide variety of application and are tested to many different filter test standards. To satisfy these many requirements you need filter testing system that is flexible enough to change to meet those requirements. The 3150 is designed for this flexibility.  It measures flow using a variety of flow measurement techniques and control blowers to achieve the required flow. It  has multiple ports used to read temperature, pressure and  relative humidity and make flow corrections and log sensor data for test reports. Whether designing a new test duct or updating an existing system the 3150 provides an easy to use system with the flexibility to meet your filter testing needs.


  • Solutions for all your filter testing needs
  • System adapts to a wide variety of inputs and outputs
  • Same interface for all your filter testing needs
  • High and low flow rate systems
  • Different particle size ranges
  • Supports a variety of particle sensors
  • Adapts to existing filter test ducts
  • Labview Software Platform