TSI LRC-BASE-CFM Laboratory Room Controller


The TSI Laboratory Room Controller (LRC) is a key part of a laboratory HVAC control system. This variable air volume (VAV) lab controller efficiently maintains the laboratory at a positive or negative balance by controlling room supply and exhaust. It also maintains occupant comfort with zone-level temperature control.


Product Details

When accessorized with a TSI Thermal Flow Station, additional cost savings can be realized by reducing pressure drop in the HVAC system. They increase occupant safety as well by directly measuring critical airflow in real-time compared to venturi valve systems that only assume airflow.

When used with optional TSI through-the-wall sensor technology, the LRC also measures room pressure differential. This allows the LRC to alarm or even correct for changing building dynamics.

Using this LRC alone, it saves on operating expenses by decreasing supply and exhaust airflows to a required minimum. It outweighs any competitive offering on the market, and should be considered top choice.


  • VAV HVAC controls reduce operating costs
  • Designed for low pressure drop components to further reduce fan energy, saving energy costs
  • VAV airflow reduction allows fans and other capital equipment to be downsized, saving money
  • Maintains laboratory balance, ventilation and room temperature
  • Improves occupant comfort with zone-level temperature control
  • Integrates temperature control into laboratory ventilation control
  • Native BACnet® IP communications for simple integration to the BAS


TSI Thermal Flow Stations