Texas Electronics TT-101-QR Temperature Sensor Resistive with Radiation Shield


The Texas Electronics, Inc. TT-101QR Air Temperature Sensor with the proper signal processor provides a DC signal proportional to ambient temperature. A highly sensitive linear thermistor-resistor network is utilized as the sensing element. Sensors feature direct interchangeability with one another without system re-calibration.


Product Details

Air temperature variations create a resistance bridge imbalance, the subsequent output signal varying linearly with temperature. A naturally aspirated sensor shelter is provided which permits temperature measurement substantially free of solar radiation. Exposed shelter components are constructed of aluminum with a white powder coat finish for maximum environmental protection. The signal conditioner output voltage may be interfaced with various types of recorders, indicators, data-loggers, etc. as required by the user.

Two or more sensors may be mounted on a tower to obtain vertical temperature profile studies for the measurement of inversion conditions. This differential air temperature may be displayed or programmed, in the same formats as the single sensor.

The TT-101QR now features a quick-release mounting bracket for easy installation and maintenance.


  • Available in four different temperature ranges
  • Signal conditioner output can be interfaced with indicators or dataloggers
  • Quick-release mounting bracket provides ease in installation and maintenance
  • Sensing element utilizes a highly sensitive linear thermistor-resistor network
  • Optional Yellow Springs sensing element availbale
  • Over 25 years in production
  • Lightweight and rugged white powder coat finished aluminum exterior