Delta Ohm HP3201.2 – Natural Ventilation Wet Bulb Probe


Natural ventilation wet bulb probe for WBGT measurement. Pt100 sensor.


Product Details

Wet bulb probe with natural ventilation. Pt100 sensor. Probe dimensions: stem Ø 14 mm, length 170 mm. Equipped with SICRAM module, two spare cotton wicks and 50 cc distilled water.


Measuring range: +4 °C…+80 °C
Accuracy: Class A
Resolution: 0.1°C
Drifting in temperature @20°C: 0.003%/°C
Drifting after 1 year: 0.1°C/year
Connection: 4 wires plus SICRAM module
Connector: 8-pole female DIN45326
Cotton wick length: about 10 cm
Tank capacity: 15 cc
Tank autonomy: 96 hours con RH=50%, t = 23°C
Response time T95: 15 minutes


The probe is used with the thermal comfort and WBGT data loggers HD32.2 and HD32.3TC for the WBGT measurement.