Delta Ohm HD2301.0 Handheld Thermo-Hygrometer


The HD2301.0 is a portable thermo hygrometer with a LCD display.


It measures relative humidity and temperature using combined temperature and humidity probes. Temperature only is measured by immersion, penetration, air or contact probes. The sensor can be a Pt100 or Pt1000. When the humidity/temperature combined probe is connected, the instrument calculates and displays the absolute humidity, the dew point, the partial vapour pressure.




  • LCD display
  • Probes are fitted with an automatic detection mode


  • HVAC system performance
  • TAB
  • Building system Commissioning
  • Energy efficiency/ Indoor environment accreditation



TP475A.O – Air Probe

TP472I – Immersion Probe

TP472I.O – Immersion Probe

TP49A.I – Immersion Probe

TP875.I – Globe Thermometer – PMV PPD WBGT

TP876.I – Globe-Thermometer – PMV PPD WBGT

HP472ACR – Combined Temperature – RH Probe

HP473ACR – Combined Temperature – RH probe

HP474ACR – Combined Temperature – RH probe

HP475ACR – Combined Temperature – RH Probe

HP475AC1R – Combined Temperature – RH probe