CET YES Logger Package


The YES Logger Package contains a 2GB SD flash card, 6 ft USB cable, USB multi card reader, 512 MB USB thumb drive with the YESViewer Software and the YESViewer Software Manual.


Product Details

The SD card should be installed in the YES monitor and configured to collect data. The flash card reader can be used to download the data form the SD card onto a computer. Or the cable can be used to connect the YES IAQ monitor to the computer and download the data.

The USB drive has the YESViewer Software program file for installation onto a PC and it allows you to configure the YES IAQ instrument, view real-time values of all sensor channels in tabular and graph views, manipulate the graphs for better analysis, and back up the data.


  • 2GB SD card for collecting data log files
  • Thumb drive for easy installation of YESViewer Software program
  • Flash card reader for quick download of data
  • 6 ft cable for connecting YES monitor to computer
  • YESViewer Software program for display and analysis of data
  • Ability to see real time values of all sensor channels


  • Residential Buildings
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Laboratories
  • Schools
  • Research Facilities