Airflow Instruments PVM610 Micromanometer

The Airflow™ Instruments Micromanometer PVM610 is an easy to use, hand held digital manometer for fast, accurate and reliable pressure measurement. Additionally, the PVM610 can also be used to calculate flow velocities through differential pressure readings.
Ideal applications include HVAC commissioning and troubleshooting, testing and balancing, Pitot tube duct traverses, static pressure measurements and environmental air flow testing.



  • Velocity Range is 0-30 m/s
  • Temperature range is 0 to 200°F (-18 to 93°C)
  • Accurate air velocity measurement
  • Integrated probe attachment
  • Large, easy to read display
  • Press button to hold reading
  • Calibration certificate included


  • HVAC system performance
  • Commissioning
  • Plant maintenance
  • Critical environment certification
  • Duct traverses
  • Face velocity measurement