Webinar Recording: HAB Monitoring with FlowCam

Does your work involve monitoring of harmful algal blooms (HABs)? Flow imaging microscopy can help you do this.


In this recent webinar from Yokogawa Fluid Imaging Technologies, Hunter Adams shares his expertise and insights into HAB monitoring using the FlowCam to tackle this growing global issue.


Webinar Details:


  • Title: HAB Monitoring and Particle Characterisation in a Municipal Environmental Laboratory
  • Speaker: Hunter Adams M.S., Laboratory Supervisor, Cypress Environmental Laboratory, City of Wichita Falls, TX
  • Duration: 62 Minutes
  • Description: Hunter Adams, well known in the drinking water world for his integrative HAB monitoring plan, discusses the taste and odour problems that once plagued his community along with the steps he took to identify and mitigate the blooms in their nascent stages. The webinar details his use of FlowCam in the development of baseline phytoplankton populations and how his knowledge of these organisms helped develop triggers for further action and treatment.


Learn how the FlowCam can benefit your monitoring program – watch the webinar below and connect with our Sales engineers via the contact form to discuss your specific requirements.

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