Webinar: Choosing the right humidity parameter

Join Vaisala on 8 April to learn how to choose the right humidity parameter for humidity control in HVAC systems.


Many people working in the HVAC field know about relative humidity (RH) as a parameter used in HVAC controls. Relative humidity, however, is not always the best option as a control parameter. At times there are other choices that will make the conditions more stable or the system commissioning easier.


In this 40-minute webinar, you will learn about the humidity measurements and their impact on controls of HVAC systems.


  • Basics of humidity theory
  • Factors influencing which humidity parameter is the best choice in HVAC control: Relative Humidity, Dew Point, Enthalpy, Wet-bulb temperature
  • Conclusions: what parameters to use


When: 08 April 2022 Friday at 12:00 midnight Australian Standard Time (AEST)


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