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Trade in and trade up to a new PortaCount

* This promotion has now ended been extended! Continue to save in 2020 when you trade in an existing fit tester for a new PortaCount.


Looking to upgrade? Now’s a great time.


For a limited time, TSI is offering US$1,500 off* the list price of a brand new PortaCount when you trade in your existing respirator fit tester (even if it’s not from TSI).


With real-time FitCheck™ mode to help you find the right mask and a better fit more quickly, as well as video animations to guide you through the proper movements for each exercise, the next generation PortaCount 8040 and 8048 represent the most intelligent way to fit test.


If you’re after something more traditional, this trade-in offer also applies for the purchase of a new 8030 or 8038, so there are plenty of options to choose from to suit your application.


Find out more about the different models below or get in touch with the team using the contact form to find your best fit.

PortaCount Trade-In

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*Offer extended until 31 Dec 2020. Credit value in US dollars; exchange rate may impact value of credit obtained, final discount will be confirmed at time of quote. Serial number of old unit and PO for new PortaCount purchase needs to be received by Kenelec Scientific before order can be processed. Old unit will need to be returned to Kenelec Scientific as part of this offer.

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